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Abundance Healthcare Group™ is a reputable Talent Marketplace for healthcare professionals and Disability Support Services, renowned for its reliability and quality services.

Starting from humble beginnings in Sydney, Abundance Healthcare Group™ has become a leading healthcare talent marketplace and disability support services in Australia.

Providing a platform that connects healthcare professionals, organizations, and individuals to offer flexible work options in private and public hospitals, residential aged care facilities, disability support services, hospital-to-home care, home and community services, and mental health services.

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Our vision is to create inclusive communities that enable individuals with a “permanent and significant disability” to reach their full potential as equal members of society.


Our mission is to work collaboratively, innovatively, and equitably to provide better support services and create inclusive communities that allow individuals with a “permanent and significant disability” to fulfill their potential as equal members of society. We will follow a core set of principles for service development to achieve our mission.

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Excellent5.0 review us onAlbert GergesAlbert Gerges ★★★★★ Excellent serviceManoh DumbuyaManoh Dumbuya ★★★★★ Brishan LosBrishan Los ★★★★★ AHG nursing services are exceptional, and the team goes above and beyond when providing these services, thank you.Unlock Network By JOSHUAUnlock Network By JOSHUA ★★★★★ Thank you Abundance Health Group for your nursing services.kina mulalakina mulala ★★★★★ Great services and responds to enquiries timely.Mark ValerioMark Valerio ★★★★★ Abundance Healthcare Group is like a personal concierge, providing individualized care and attention to each and every patient.Abundance Healthcare Group is like a lighthouse, guiding patients towards better health and wellness.js_loader

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Our Core Values Include:



We are united in purpose and spirit.


We are accountable, honest, inclusive, and understanding.


We are empathetic partners who empower everyone.


We listen, share, and value the contributions and perspectives of all individuals involved in our support services.


We demonstrate leadership, decisiveness, and initiative, responding to individual needs and circumstances.

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